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African Environmental Projects

Fynbos rehabilitation
Site at preparatory stage, prior to Fynbos rehabilitation

African Environmental Projects has been retained as a sub-division of Livingscapes, both for its’ well established reputation, as well as the sector specialising in environmental and ecological aspects. These include the following:

  • Indigenous gardens
  • Fynbos rehabilitation
  • Environmental restoration management and consulting
  • Water-wise gardens
  • Wildlife gardens
  • Sustainable organic gardens
  • Permaculture systems

The identification of existing endemic species on site and their Red Data status forms the basis for Environmental Impact Assessments from a Botanical aspect. Legislation requires registered specialist practitioners for larger developments. We are capable of carrying out preliminary botanical surveys and can assist with the referral, or contracting of, registered professionals for EIA requirements.

After identification of species, subsequent transplanting to a dedicated ‘holding’ area or establishment of a temporary nursery on site, and the collection of propagation material for post-construction rehabilitation is particularly relevant for larger developments and is a service we offer.

Similarly, our services include consultation and management of long term environmental restoration processes due to damage caused by building construction, alien invasive vegetation, agricultural or other forms of degradation.

We can design and install gardens which will require minimum or no irrigation and maintenance i.e. self sustainable landscapes. This may apply particularly to holiday homes or week-end getaways, as well as larger commercial projects with environmentally sensitive guidelines such as nature reserves. With the growing public awareness of dwindling water and other resources, there is a general trend to apply this principle to normal home gardens.

Stone Work

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