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Landscape Design

Landscape Design
Landscape Design

Although we strongly advocate the design and installation of indigenous, organic, water-wise gardens that promote bio-diversity, we realise that different architectural styles and environs stipulate a varied approach.

We enjoy the challenge and fresh stimulation of design variation to suit the context and style of the client. Our portfolio should hopefully supply testimony of our varied plant knowledge and cosmopolitan flexibility.  

Stone WorkWe thoroughly enjoy the creative process of garden design and pride ourselves on having created hundreds of personalised gardens, suitable to the clients’ requirements, taste and budget.

The normal procedure is to meet with the client and assess their ideas and expectations.

A process of site analysis; the site related to surrounding area; architectural style of the home or building; practical requirements and long term maintenance expectations, etc. are but a few of the many aspects taken into consideration during the design process. The consultation process in many cases also involves input from the architect.

The process may involve several consultations and re-workings until the client feels pleased with the end product. Our emphasis is on supplying the client with a final design with which they are satisfied. 

A cost is attached to design work which is dependent on the size of the project and depth of design work required. On smaller designs, costs may be discounted on acceptance of the installation quote.  

In many cases, we are able to clarify the brief simply through a series of on- site meetings with the client and the design process is deemed unnecessary. Initial consultations are free of charge.

Stone WorkOnce a design has been agreed upon, we prepare a detailed Bill of Quantities so you can see exactly what you will be getting, and easy enough to read so that you can compare prices. We always remain flexible to allow you to change the specification to suit the budget. Our contract with you is straight forward and we do our best to avoid unexpected hidden ‘extras’.

‘The greatest beauty of the garden is the restoration of the five senses’ – Hanna Rion