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Landscape Installation – Commercial / Residential

Landscape Installation
Landscape Installation

Stone WorkWe have saved many of our past clients a good sum of money by consulting with us in conjunction with the architect. Swimming pool placement, driveway access, natural existing features such as large rocks and trees, slopes and water run-off, etc. are all taken into consideration in the course of design. We are firm believers of planning the house around the landscape where possible, instead of the other way round. All too often we are called in once the building is complete and natural resources that were available before the builders arrived have been destroyed. It is also prudent to remember that certain local councils and private estates insist on landscape drawings to be submitted with house plans. Our rates for this service are very reasonable and we won't waste your time and money with designs that are unworkable.

Landscape contracting

Besides the implementation of our own designs, we readily supply quotations for the installation of landscape plans to landscape architects, architects and developers’ specifications.

This includes costs on long term maintenance contracts for commercial and residential projects.

We are well experienced in the more practical aspects of drainage, sports field construction, retaining walls, boreholes and irrigation, paving, etc. If it is not our particular specialisation, we have established a strong network of recommendable sub-contractors.

Hard Landscaping & Construction

Although our team is skilled in many aspects of hard landscaping, there are aspects which are best left to the specialists. With two decades of experience in landscaping installation in the Western Cape we have built up relationships with a number of reputable and reliable companies to whom we may sub-contract all aspects of hard landscaping construction. 

At an additional surcharge we will co-ordinate and manage all aspects of the exterior design and implementation. These include the following:

  • Equestrian arena construction
  • Swimming pools (natural and standard pools)
  • Vertical wall gardens
  • Decking and exterior carpentry
  • Stone wall construction, cladding and gabions
  • Boreholes, irrigation and grey water systems
  • Paving
  • Lighting
  • Sourcing of unique garden features

Hard Landscaping

Plant Specification and Supply 

This service is included in the previous sections, but we do offer this as a stand alone service to both the home-owner and commercial developer. We will supply clients with a plant list specially prepared for your garden design/ project, with a cost per plant size and species. The plants, (composts, fertilizers etc), will then be delivered to your site. We are also available to assist in placing them out if you need a hand.

Plot Clearing and Earthworks

If you have a piece of vacant land or your dream plot and you are planning a building, the chances are you will have spent a few hours walking around or sitting at a view point considering how to do it. Most folk don't realise how the earth has to be moved around in order to fit the building in, and can end up dismayed once the bulldozers arrive - seeing their bit of paradise being turned up side down. Once plans have been approved we are available to do the clearing of the land and supervising the earthworks - sensitively. We start by removing unviable plants, transplant viable plants where possible and begin cutting and / or filling to engineers / architects specifications. This stage is where we can save you cash. So often we are called in once the house is built and access has been cut off, rocks and plants stolen or destroyed and the usual, your topsoil has been used to back fill the foundation. We are also available to simply supervise this aspect of the project.

Hard Landscaping

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