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Specialised Garden Features

Stone walls - Specialised Garden Features
Stone retaining wall built with the assistance of heavy earth moving machinery


We could probably lay claim to being one of the longest running businesses building dry-packed stone walls in Cape Town.

Stone WorkThis ancient method of building and slope retention was employed by Craig in the establishment of Ruyteplaats Estate in 1994. The general incline of the land on the mountain slope, (and that of the consequent designated private gardens), as well as the general abundance of natural rock, led Craig to begin experimenting with rock as a construction element. We have subsequently perfected the art of creating stone walls without mortar and still employ several of our original stonemasons who display a particular aptitude in stone wall construction.

For a more finished look, dressed rock may be used.

We are also well acquainted in building with mortared rock as in the construction of stairways, pillars, arches, pergolas, gazebos, benches and water features. All rock work construction displayed in our portfolio has been undertaken by our Livingscapes team.

Stone Work

Water Feature
Koi pond, with waterfall inflow, and overflow to natural pools below.

Water Features

The installation of a water feature, includes an additional life-giving element to the garden. 

It may fulfil one or more of several functions:

  • as a central focal point
  • to add interest to a neglected or uninteresting corner of the garden
  • a linking or unifying element
  • or simply to add ambience

Water features have the additional bonus of incorporating sound. The style and nature of the feature can be used to add vibrancy and energy to a space, or alternatively to create a sense of calm and tranquillity.

A pond in a wildlife garden creates a micro-habitat of its’ own and attracts an array of attendant fauna and insect predators. 

Water Feaures